Yonder are the bricks of red
Girdingour dreams and hopes
Alma mater so dear and old.
Whose motto we do uphold,
Light, Light! Light to Lighten
Keep it glowing.
Till the end of the world
Light,Light! Light to Lighten
Keep the Light of life aglow.

Cherished and taught by her
We are sent out into the world
To break the fetters of pain
and to lift up the weak and slain
Live! Live! donít just exist
Conquerthe foe
and lead the whole world
Live! Live! donít just exist
Isthe silent plea of her soul.

Oh! STS how may we
try to be worthy of thee
Now standing on lifeís threshold
We pay our homage to thee.
Reach! Reach! Reach for the heights
And when you get there
Reach for the next star
Reach! Reach! Reach for the heights
Is the challenge that we must take.

Composed by
Elizabeth Jacob, Nivedita Bhattacharya, Sanchayita Bhattacharya
All rights reserved @ St. Thomas' Girls Senior Secondary School, Mandir Marg