Budding Scientist Visits ISRO


Space has always fascinated me since when I was only 5 years old. Being a space enthusiast my father planned to take me to Indian Space Research Organization, ISRO. There I was free to explore and learn about several amusing mysteries of artificial satellites and space probes. It wasn't only a trip to the ISRO 's headquarters in Bengaluru , but also to several other space centres in south India such as the VSSC( Vikram Sarabhai Space Center)in Trivandrum capital of Kerala ; SDSC(SatishDhawan Space Centre)in Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh , the HALL Museum and Visvesvaraya Industrial Technological Park in Bengaluru, Karnataka. Both the VSSC as well as the SDSC had several exhibits and information cards put up. The miniature models of all the satellites launched by ISRO looked exactly the same when compared to the real ones. The HALL Museum displayed Indian Air Force Aircrafts. Surprisingly, they were not the replicas but the genuine old aircrafts! HALL even offered a visual simulator for children aged 5. The simulator taught me what it was like being a pilot in an aircraft. The Technological Park was the best part of the trip as it allowed me to learn several basic things such as the science behind a moving car, a rocket launch, reflection and refraction, science behind switches, pulleys, levers and many more. Besides visiting various places, I felt lucky and glad to get an opportunity to interact with an ISRO scientist.

Lorea Mishra

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