Enlighten, Enable, Empower
Measure a nation’s progress not in terms of its GDP or its might as a global power, measure it rather on the parameter of its woman power. The statistics revealing the number of educated, financially independent, self reliant women, making informed choices, enjoying parity with their male counterparts, is not only a reflection but a true picture of the might of a nation.
Offering holistic education is our mission.

Sculpting balanced, complete and efficient individuals is our passion.

Faith in the Almighty is our life-spirit.

Service to humankind our impetus.

These were and these still are the reigning principles of this Institution.

 Thomasites in Japan for Media Exchange

 Delhi State Taekwondo Championship

  The school is preparing an Alumni
        Directory scheduled for release by
        April 2015.Alumni are requested to
        register themselves (Click on the
        link to fill the registration form )

 Annual Day 2014 

 Alumnae Meet - 8 November 2014 

 Eco Newsletter 

CBSE Class XII Board Result 2013-14

 In Remembrance Of Our Alma Mater 

  Tagore Day 2014 

Epiphany 2014

  Time extension regarding fee payment
       for first quarter - April, May & June 2014

 Heroes of STS 

 French Language Classes in partnership
       with Alliance Francaise De Delhi

 Build English Fluency  

 Diwali fervour enlivens STS  

 Commerce Day 2014  

Commitment to Empowerment  

 Syllabus for I Pre-Board Examination in
       December 2014 - XII

 Schedule for Extra classes  

Independence Day Celebration -
       August 2014


Economics Day

 St. Thomas' College of Education

Psychology Assembly - 19 August 2014  

 Congratulations STS for two Awards  

  Miss India Koyal Rana... she came,
        we saw, she conquered...

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